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Book Heraldry Court heraldry
  • Explanation of the heraldic submission process, and some other tidbits of heraldic information of possible interest to the non-herald
  • A set of the required heraldic submission forms for the College of Heralds of Caid
  • Links to on-line searchable O & A (There are several databases with this information, so this link is to the list on the SCA Heralds' site. Try them in the order listed.) The Ordinary and Armorial is a listing of all items registered with the SCA College of Arms, and is useful in checking new submissions for conflicts.
  • The monthly Minutes for the College of Heralds of Caid.

  • Titles and contact information for Caid's heralds
  • Upcoming meeting dates for the Caid College of Heralds in 2019: April 7, May 19, June 9 (at Collegeium), July 21, August 11, September 8, October 20, November 10, and December 15. Future meeting dates can also be found in the minutes.
  • There is a Google Calendar for the College which is kept updated as things evolve. The calendar is called Caid College of Heralds; its ID is If your calendar program prefers an iCal feed, you can find that here:
  • The meetings are held at the home of Jeanne Marie Lacroix, Noir Licorne Herald Extraordinary. Please contact for location and directions.

  • The house will open at 9AM. The meeting will start at 11AM with a potluck lunch at 1:00 PM (give or take 15 minutes). A limited supply of sodas will be provided. The house will close at 6PM. If the meeting finishes before that, and it should, there are three options: head home, use the pool and/or spa (swim at your own risk), or join a commenting group. We will be commenting on submissions at the kingdom level (in other kingdoms) or at the Society level (in OSCAR). Volunteers are needed during the meeting to create/update submission folders, record financial and summary information, scan, and take minutes. There are instructions available for each task.

    Additional laptops/netbooks/etc. are always welcome. There are plenty of seats, but if you chose to bring a chair please make sure that it is wooden floor friendly (smooth feet, nothing to scratch the floor).

    There are two cats - they think they own the house so be prepared. Neither of these animals is to be allowed outside.

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